About mar seafood, inc

Mar Seafood is a family run business and has 30 years of experience specializing in the shellfish industry. We currently have our own boats and harvest our hardshell clams and oysters on our leased ocean ground in Connecticut. The difference with leased ground is that it offers us the opportunity to keep steady pricing, strong supply during the holidays and busy times of the year, and most of all having enough product to supply to our customers.

We also deal directly with boats up and down the east coast and in New Zealand that fish our mussels, mahogany clams, steamers, and cockle clams. All product is sold right from the boats or can be put through our Mar Brand process, an approved FDA wet storage system, where the shellfish purges itself of most sand and grit, and rejuvenates them to offer an extended shell life.

At Mar Seafood, we take a great deal of pride in what we do, and would appreciate the opportunity to prove that we could be a valuable asset to your business.

Mar Brand

When you select Mar Brand, you are choosing the highest quality, cleansed shellfish available on the market today. Mar Seafood has designed and installed the most technologically advanced wet storage facility in the industry. The Mar Brand seal means your shellfish are thoroughly cleansed and free of most sand and grit.

Mar Product

All product sold is harvested from certified waters, ready for direct market or processed through our Mar Brand System.


When you work with Mar Seafood you are assured of:

  • Our shellfish are harvested from certified waters. We wash and cull each lot and keep only the most wholesome product.
  • We maintain the shellfish at optimum temperature and complete the process with careful testing and packaging.
  • We have trucks in Boston; ship to New York, Philly, and Washington nightly; and have the ability to ship throughout the country.