Mar Seafood

Hard Shell Clams

Mar Seafood offers a variety of hard-shell clams including little necks, top necks, cherrystones, and chowders. The species of “mercenaria mercenaria” is found along the Atlantic coasts, ranging from Virginia to Nova Scotia. All of our hard-shell clams are harvested through a dredging or a hand raked method that have both been proven to be environmentally sustainable for our New England waters. The manner of harvesting hard shell clams produces no by-catch and creates no significant habitat damage. Once harvested, our product is cleaned, graded by size, and bagged to meet the specifications of our customers.
Mar Seafood Little Necks - Clams

Little Neck

The smallest sized hard-shell clam, perfect on the half shell, grilled, steamed and great for any dish.
Availability: Year Round
Size: 1″-2″ Across
Mar Seafood Top Necks - Clams

Top Neck

A medium sized hard-shell clam, slightly larger than the little neck. Great on the half shell, and perfect for stuffing.
Availability: Year Round
Size: 2″-2.75″
Mar Seafood Cherry Stones - Clams


A large hard-shell clam. Slightly larger than the top neck. Usually used for clam casino and soups
Availability: Year Round
Size: 2.75″-3.5″
Mar Seafood Chowders - Clams


The largest of the hard-shell clams. Also known as “Quahogs” or “Hogs”. Best used in clam cakes, stuffed clams, and soups.

Availability: Year Round

Size: 3.5″-5″