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Mar Seafood Specialty Shellfish

New Zealand Cockle Clams

Our cockles are tender, and delicious. Sourced from the pristine colder waters of New Zealand, this product makes for a great rival of the Manilla clam. The cockles are hand raked and cleaned in New Zealand and shipped to us to be placed in our Wet Storage System. About the size of a quarter, these clams are the smallest of the hard-shell clams and are perfect for any pasta dish. Cockles are sold by 10lbs and placed in mesh cooking bags, usually about 20 pieces per pound.
Mar Seafood Cockles NZ - Specialty Shellfish

New Zealand Cockle Clams

Origin: South Island, New Zealand
Production: Wild NZ
Availability: Year Round
Pack Size: 10lb Bag

Mahogany Clams

Mahogany clams are a delicious hard-shell clam harvested from deep waters off the coast of Maine. With a mahogany color, these clams are similar to the little neck clams grown in southern waters. After being dredged, these clams are cleaned and packed, shipped to our facility, and placed in our Wet Storage System where all impurities are cleansed.
Mar Seafood Mahogany Clams - Specialty Shellfish

Mahogany Clams

Medium sized Ocean clam
Origin: Beals Island, ME
Production: Wild USA
Availability: Year Round
Pack Size: Bushel, ½ Bushel


The common periwinkle is a small marine snail found up and down the coasts of New England and up into Nova Scotia. These small shore snails are mostly found on rocks, stones, or pilings between high and low tide markers. Mar Seafood acquires all of its periwinkles from Nova Scotia, off of Brier Island, where they are hand picked for the best possible quality. From this point, they are shipped, cleaned and placed in mesh bags and sold as a half bushel or a full bushel.
Mar Seafood Periwinkles - Specialty Shellfish

Periwinkle Snails

Small sized shore snail
Origin: Briar Island, Nova Scotia CA
Production: Wild CA
Availability: Year Round